Project Description

A welcoming approach

This attractive garden forms part of a larger garden at a Grade II listed farmhouse. Sited on the south side of the property, with views in from the adjoining country lane, it affords plenty of sunshine and the wonderful backdrop of the interesting building itself. 

The owners wished for the garden to be sympathetically designed to offer a more cohesive, practical space with a welcoming open approach as it is the main entrance to the property. 

The levels were considered carefully so that there was a better flow through the garden and new, low retaining walls were built with a thoughtfully selected brick to match in with the house. A stunning brick and flint path now leads the visitor to the front door with a new brick entrance pad using the same materials. Due to the age of the house, detailing was key not only in choice of materials but also fine tuning elements such as the decorative drainage grates to fit perfectly within the design. We designed two bespoke, decorative metal gates which have been fabricated and installed by our talented blacksmith. These offer a unique and charming access to and from the garden.

Two existing ancient Magnolias stand proud at the entrance to the garden. Mature Taxus bacatta topiary lend a strong, statuesque form which ensures an exquisite, evergreen backdrop to the softer ethereal planting beneath. A limited colour palette was used of white and blues to offer a tranquil atmosphere. Whilst the plant forms themselves are architectural – large blousy blooms of Hydrangea arborescent “Annabelle”, neat spheres of Echinops bannaticus “Blue Globe”, upright spikes of Lavandula Munstead and soft, silver leaves of Stachys byzantine “Big Ears” and “Silver Carpet”. The magnolias were underplanted with Pachysandra terminals and Ajuga “Caitlins Giant” to form a rampant, evergreen carpet.

The courtyard garden now ensures that the farmhouse is once again forging strong links with its surroundings, complementing each other in a peaceful, unassuming yet stunning, sympathetic and stylish way.