Country House Terraces

Plants were carefully chosen for the country house terraces at this rural Hampshire garden. This garden formed a most important part of the whole landscape. An existing stone wall provided a perfect backdrop for the long border which overlooks the fields and two existing taxus (yew) topiary were retained as gateposts to the wider landscape. Plant repetition here ensured the garden has constant connection through the space. Whilst taller ornamental grasses and perennials provided a higher layer, all providing strong architectural forms through the colder months.

The planting design ensured that the garden sat comfortably within its rural Hampshire location. Two spacious central beds were designed as mirror images, so when viewed from ground and first floor level, the cohesion and intent could be realised easily. Strong, evergreen, rounded shrubs formed the anchor points and were left unclipped to hold a looser form. Infilled with herbs, soft, hazy perennials, ornamental grasses and bulbs in lilacs, soft yellows, silvers and whites. Drought tolerant species were selected so to take advantage of the South facing aspect.  A new border linked the upper terrace to the lower lawn with a breezy display of delicate mauves and lemon shades. A gentle screen of towering ornamental grasses gives a mesmerising view. Sculptural form of existing mature trees enhanced the overall scheme, giving a sense of history and place.

Stone pots filled with simple evergreens offer a form of grounding and line the steps and the edge of the terrace, again linking through the space.  The garden now is a serene, calm expanse filled with pollinators and enjoyed every day by the family.

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