So things have changed a great deal, working remotely as a garden designer is strange. I am actually used to working alone in my office for much of the time anyway but have suddenly found myself thinking on my feet more. Finding strategies to meet deadlines, undertake presentations and compiling ideas to keep pushing forward, promoting the business through these movie-like times. 

As we all spend our time at home and spring unveils its warmth and growth in the garden, thoughts turn to improvements and projects outdoors in particular.

Remote Garden Design

Remote garden design means current projects continue, we have mastered Zoom which has been a Godsend, although I had to finally succumb to paying for its wonder as the free app only allows for  maximum of 40 minutes and we talk a lot! Speaking and seeing clients “face to face” is so much more personal and the screen sharing is invaluable. It is a new way of working but it is working which is fantastic.

Our survey company, nurseries and print company are still going strong so we are still able to thankfully collate all the information and plants that we need.

Planting Plans

Planting plans involve a little more input from you, the client, but it is still achievable. If you have a border that you would like to refresh or give a complete overhaul, measure the area and give us some detail on the soil structure and aspect. We can suggest a fantastic new planting scheme for you in the form of visual boards, sketches and scaled planting plans. This means you will ultimately achieve a seasonal array of plants that will not only look stunning through the seasons but that will survive in their location. Having been carefully selected by us, you will have the correct quantities and species for that specific location. 

Ordering Plants

We are still ordering plants and trees for you from our wonderful nurseries and deliveries and planting by us are still possible following the strict government guidelines. 


Teamwork is key as always. We are fortunate that we work wth an amazing team of people who are greatly supportive and kind. People have talked about the positivity that will come from this, the thoughtfulness, creativity and appreciation of small things and I really believe that too. Together we grow stronger, look out for each other more and never take compost for granted again!