Accessorising your garden

4 September 2018

As a nation, we love to accessorise our homes and accessorising your garden should be no exception. We find once the new garden has been built from our design plans, the plants go in and completely transform the whole space. The inevitable noise, mess and disruption of the build is over. Finally some soft, gentle green and colour is added to give height, structure, movement but also layers. I always compare a garden creation to painting. The layers need to be built up. You have the outline, the black and white, the stark, harsh materials but the plants make the whole picture sing. These verdant, living creatures are without a heartbeat but are included in your garden to make you miss one now and again. 

Add some simple accessories. Strategically placed sculpture as a focal point will help you find a place in the garden that may otherwise be lost. A series of pots will allow extra planting in maybe an area that is a bit lacking in “green”. They will break up a large expanse of terrace or illuminate a dark corner. We can help you choose and suggest suitable ones. Lanterns and simple tea lights add gentle warmth and a sense of place. Be bold and “dress” your dining or seating area. Add large cushions, choose fabrics that don’t match but that will compliment each other in their colour scheme. Select some cosy throws so you can wrap up and continue to enjoy the garden despite the evenings getting a little cooler as they are now. 

Gardens are so important to us, make sure you can enjoy every last minute out there…. Oh and leave your phone inside…. 

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