Planning your garden

12 January 2022

What are you thinking?

As the new year unfolds, planning your garden is an exciting thought process. Not only is the calendar moving on to a fresh start but so is the garden. New shoots are starting to appear and the bulbs gently push their fresh green through the cold wet soil. It can be overwhelming when you inherit a new garden or have lived with your garden for some years to see its potential and how it can be improved to suit your needs. 

Fresh Eyes

Fresh eyes certainly help and if you are wishing to appoint a garden designer, the ultimate potential of your outdoor space can be realised by working alongside us. Possibilities are endless and of course that depends on your wish list and budget! We can guide you to make sure both those crucial criteria tally. 

The Wish List

The wish list often is quite lengthy at the start of planning your garden. As we move through the design process, we can help you realise what is important and priority to you. It is true, less is always more. Initial thoughts should turn to how do you want to use the garden and who is going to use the garden? Its location, aspect and the property’s style also play a major part in decision making. 

Garden Entertaining Spaces

Consider the size of your family and how much entertaining you do. Recently, this has been restricted in numbers, but our gardens are used so much more which is wonderful. The size of your furniture and its practicality will help to depict the areas they are to be included in. Every vista can be enjoyed and we always try to include different seating spots around the garden after all, an Englishman’s home is his castle. It is prudent to include views back to the house and across any “borrowed” views, not just the obvious ones from the house. 

Cooking Outside

Cooking outside is extremely satisfying. A simple mobile BBQ works just as well as the fixed outdoor kitchen spaces we design. As long as the space is practical to reach, the chef does not have his back to his guests and there is room to complete the task, then this is just as good. It really depends on your individual needs. We can help you plan an area that will suit your needs and incorporate this into the design. 

Look and Feel

Many factors go into the look and feel of the garden. Ensuring this works seamlessly with your home, we will  consider your style to be incorporated into the garden, The materials, plant choices, colour hues and seemingly simplicity of the design will collate to the overall ambience of the garden. A design style certainly develops over time, and you will see from our marketing that although we have worked on many different gardens, our style will suit perfectly not only the owners but the outdoor space.

Need some help?

Feeling overwhelming, uninspired, confused, need some help? We would be delighted to discuss your project. Do get in touch-

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