Appointing a Garden Designer

2 July 2020

Appointing a garden designer for the first time can be rather daunting. Mostly, our new enquiries are from recommendation, which to us, is the best form of introduction. 

Clients are impressed with our work and are happy to pass on our details to family, friends and neighbours. 

The design process can often be quite a lengthly practise from initial meeting to completion of planting. We offer an after care service and this means that our visits to the garden and to see you continue long beyond the implementation of the design. This means we get to know each other pretty well!  

Project Progression

It certainly needs to work both ways, that we both feel that we will forge a good professional client/designer relationship so that the project progression is as smooth as possible. 

You have contacted us in the first place, to allow us to support you in achieving a fantastic, creative outdoor space. Whatever size that may be, you would like to collaborate with us and take advantage of our creative, professional experience.

Working Alongside your Architect

If you are having house re-modelling, we always recommend working alongside your architect from the outset. Your home and garden should work as one. Steps out, driveways in, paths and views from the house amongst many other elements should all be considered as one. We are very experienced in this and strive to work together to achieve a wonderful, cohesive space. 

Appointing a Garden Designer? at what stage?

Clients often ask themselves when should I appoint a garden designer? The answer being, from the outset of you making your new home plans.

Don’t wait until the building work is complete. Even if you do not plan to implement the garden plans straight away, it will mean that you have a firm plan in place. Your architects can see what our intention is, for the landscaping around the building. The dull stuff like the drains and the siting of manhole covers for example, will have an impact on the garden design.

Guidance and Experience

We offer much guidance and experience to ensure that you feel supported and guided through the whole process by way of our professional yet approachable ethos. 

We would be delighted to discuss your requirements with no obligation. 

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