Bringing Garden Designs to Life – The Build Begins

21 March 2019

I am writing this, as the first in a series of blogs. Showing the process of bringing one of our garden designs to life. From paper, through the construction stage and onto completion.

You’re using a garden designer and after weeks of planning your garden with us, the build begins. Budgets have been set and agreed. Drawings have been produced and deliberated. Many decisions have been finalised, on details that you never even knew existed, let alone had to make decisions on. We guide you through this process, always working with you in a collaborative way. By appointing us, you appreciate that our knowledge, experience and creativity will ensure that you achieve a beautiful garden.

However, it is still nerve racking for you, the client, to see your outdoor space suddenly become an unattractive area of “mess” as the build begins. Machinery moves in, plants move out and the setting out and excavation begins. We are extremely fortunate to work with such excellent landscapers, who are not only hugely talented in what they do, but are excellent communicators and considerate to where they are working. And so, the collaborative approach continues, often with the inclusion of additional sub-contractors such as garden lighting and irrigation specialists.

Problem Solving

In the process of bringing garden designs to life, there always will be an element of problem solving required. We adopt a proactive rather than a reactive approach, working closely alongside the contractors, identifying potential issues before they arise. In this way we are able to come up with suitable solutions ensuring the project remains on track. This week for example, we uncovered a 41.5 metre deep well which was not on the survey! There will always be an answer to the situation, something may have to move slightly, however it is always important to consider how that may affect the whole garden design, not just the area in the immediate vicinity. Moving a path by 50mm can put the whole design out. This is again where working closely as team with you, the client and the landscapers will always pay dividends.

Mud and Mess

Obviously you have to crack a few eggs to make an omelette, and so all this mud and mess will be worth it. While it can be difficult as you look out to try and visualise how that current landscaping work will ever evolve into the garden envisaged on the beautifully rendered, scaled drawing. As the levels are set and the excavations continue, you will be able to see how your garden is taking shape. Each stage is exciting, even if the current stage is a wet and muddy one. Each week huge progress is made. The transformation continues as the design emerges out of the ground. With each and every decision you made with our support, you are well on your way to that beautiful garden been realised.

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