Bulbs, that time again… let’s make plans….

30 September 2018

Bulbs, so we've reached that time of year again as our seasons now change. The garden starts to dissolve into various shades of brown or, dare I say it, yellow… as we move gently from summer to autumn. We are all busy, but it’s that time of year again, let’s make plans. Planning ahead is always a priority in the garden and with our vast experience, we can help you to achieve this. 

Bulb Planting

Whether your garden is already full of spring bulbs, there is always room for more bulb planting, therefore we always encourage clients to take pictures of their garden. We like to return to completed projects but through the seasons, clients’ images also helps us to understand where there may be pockets of the garden still to fill. October is a great month to plant spring bulbs while November is preferable for tulips. These can be packed into planters in layers (think lasagna) for maximum effect. Again, we can recommend varieties that will compliment each other not only in colour but height and flowering period. Delicious varieties such as Tulipa “Brown Sugar” and “Paul Scherer” will sing next to Tulipa “Madonna”. Deep raspberry tones of hyacinth “Woodstock” will become firm friends with the smaller Muscari. Whilst later appearances will be made by outstanding alliums. We favour white varieties such as the impressive “Mont Blanc” and “White Cloud”. These really look impressive not only in stature but are a cool, silhouette against a dark backdrop or amongst shorter neighbours. 

These important additions to the garden form our first glimpses of life after a possible long, hard winter. However, wrap up and enjoy your garden too through the colder months. There is nothing more invigorating than taking a steaming hot coffee and finding a sheltered, sunny spot in the winter sunshine. 

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