Garden Build Progress

29 March 2019

Visiting after one week, is it great to see the garden build progress so positively. Much has been achieved and the dig out is now complete. Now down to solid chalk and it always surprises me how much material comes out of a small garden! It is fortunate that we have not had to consider getting rid of this waste which is always such an expensive exercise. Instead the spoil is being recycled to form a new bank on the boundary of another part of the garden. We always strive to re-use where appropriate to save on costs.

The mini digger is now redundant, we had to hire the smallest one to fit through the garden gate to access the site. Concrete has now been poured to set the foundations of the new low retaining walls and steps. String lines are fixed to set the paths out. Conduits have been laid for the lighting cabling and irrigation feeds. Final tweaks on the setting out are being finalised. We always find it such a beneficial role as project monitor, we can fine tune any part of the design and talk through any queries that the client or landscaper may have.

Minor adjustments and alterations

There are always minor adjustments and alterations once the work is underway, solving these now is imperative to the success of the on-going project. Even a few millimetres out on a path or border can alter the whole design. This can only be recognised on the ground. No mater how accurate the survey and drawings we compile are, there may be some slight tweaks to make.

As the build progresses, we keep close contact with the client so that they are fully "in the picture” as to how everything is going and we will raise questions with them if need be. A collaborative approach keeps the whole team up to date and the project moving in the right direction.

Looking forward to next week’s site visit and updating you on the next blog.

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