Garden Goals

26 October 2021

Garden goals really are very personal. All sorts of factors depend on what you wish to achieve, but I would recommend think about the atmosphere of the garden. Of course, the look of the garden is incredibly important, but how you feel when you are in the garden is of equal importance. 

Stepping into your outside space can evoke all sorts of reactions. “The garden is a place between hearth and heath” is a phrase I heard recently and loved. It is a space that is still yours before you transition to the “public” outside. For that reason, it must be somewhere that you feel safe, can relax and enjoy calm. It should be a place that can be filled with voices and laughter but also a place that you can enjoy solitude if you wish, away from all the hustle and bustle of life. 


Solitude can be achieved by a quiet corner amongst lush planting, you don’t need much space just a small area to feel cocooned and quiet. A warm spot with a comfortable chair that feels private and calm, will allow you to unwind. 


Buzz evokes a higher energy. Think about your entertaining space. It will not only allow enough room for your family and friends, but be somewhere near the house that will make carrying drinks and meals out simple as well as being easily accessible. Ensure the seating is comfortable, lots of cushions and a furniture configuration that means it is a super social space. Consider shade too  dependent on the location. 


Joy is a sense that is easily achieved in the garden. We all know it is a place to encourage increased happiness and a sense of well being. Much has certainly been written and researched recently. Fragrance, colour and textures through the design can bring cohesion and atmosphere through the hard and soft landscaping palette. A more limited palette will ensure a less busy space, a space which feels more together and easy to enjoy.


Calm can be enjoyed whether you are alone or with friends in the garden. A sense of peace is a nourishing thing and in fact to share this with others, can be quietly satisfying. 

Enjoy your thought process in regard to the garden, what it is you wish it to bring to it, but above all take your time, get it right and enjoy the ultimate outcome. 

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