Great Garden Spaces

1 October 2021

A great garden space does not only rely on the size of the plot you have. Whether a tiny courtyard or country estate or something in between, it is the flow through the garden, the connection with the house and the way the space is used to fulfil your requirements that is important.

Client Brief

We pride ourselves on listening to you, formulating and approving with you, a strong client brief. This is collated by our initial meeting. Once you have engaged us, further meetings and longer discussions take place as well as a detailed questionnaire. We will ask you about your “wish list”, your style and your inspiration. How you would like to use the garden and who will be using the garden amongst many other questions. 

We will consider your home, its’ position within the plot, views from the house, the approach, the space within and the surrounding landscape. Your location is key- how we can be sympathetic to the local landscape and use local materials. As well as soil analysis to ensure the planting will thrive and flourish.

Time Well Spent

Time well spent at the offset will pay dividends as we progress through the design stage. The process is more intense at the beginning as this is where we clarify and discuss your ideas and budgets as well as offer suggestions as to how this can be achieved. We will have firm inspiration in mind before we start putting “pen to paper”. 

Pencil Sketches

Pencil sketches always start our brain storming, although these are not shared with you (unless you would like to see them!) It is a really beneficial way of seeing if our initial ideas are going to work in the space. This saves time and gets the creative juices flowing before the CAD comes into play. 

Layout of the Garden

Layout of the garden is naturally crucial. The entrance to and exits from the house and how to get from A to B. We will consider the most natural flow through the garden but not expose it all in one go. Having a hidden corner and not revealing parts all at once is a key consideration. This creates more interest and intrigue as you are in the space. The balance between not only the flat plane but also vertical accents and symmetry will ensure the ratio of hard to soft landscaping is met. 

Practical considerations of getting to destination points for example a carefully positioned seat or an industrious greenhouse need to sit at sensible axis in the garden.

Immersive gardens

Immersive gardens are those that make you feel at ease and as though you are part of the landscape. You feel comfortable and the garden is an enjoyable place to be. Filled with scent, colour, movement and style. By studying the garden with careful thought, our design intent, but more importantly, your brief will be realised in a seamless, effortless form to sit alongside your home.

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