Lighting Your Garden

4 November 2021

Lighting your garden is an important consideration in the overall design. We will produce detailed lighting plans with you to ensure that lighting your garden has an appropriate practical and aesthetic final outcome to compliment our design. This will make sure your garden looks it best after dark. 

Quality fittings usually from or will ensure not only longevity but also the right ambience in your outdoor space.

Practical Considerations

Whether you live in the town or in a more rural area, which will be darker, practical considerations are key. A simple wash of light across your house sign will welcome visitors as well as identify your property in the dark. The entrance, drive and parking area need gentle lighting to offer an inviting approach but also ensure safety. Discreet step and path lights will cast gentle, soft light to demarcate areas. Whilst allowing easy, safe access around the garden. A light by the log store or bins adds practicality. We will carefully consider how you are going to use the garden.

The Aesthetics

The aesthetics of course are paramount. Clients are often nervous that there will be too much lighting and need reassurance that we will always advocate a simplistic approach. In fact, the darker the garden, the less lighting is required. Through the garden, there may be feature trees to uplight and planted borders to cast light through. These will hi-light the plants, their foliage and flowers and cast interesting shadows. Light will help define the textural quality of tree trunks and their strong form. 

Sculpture, water and details on your home, may also benefit from enhancement through light. 

The Winter

The winter, always seeming a long season, can mean you use your garden less. Without doubt, outdoor lighting brings a seamless transition to the outside. Almost feeling as if it is drawing you in, even from the warm comfort of indoors. It will add another whole new dimension to your garden. It will hi-light the form and layers throughout, so that your garden can be enjoyed through the year even when you are not in your outdoor space so much. 

Installing Garden Lighting

Installing garden lighting will be achieved alongside the garden construction. We will produce lighting and ducting plans for our specialist teams to follow. All routes will be installed in conjunction with any hard landscaping so that there is always a neat conclusion and no cabling visible. The fittings and the amount of wattage of the bulbs, will compliment our design and guarantee a superb outcome.

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