Seeking Shade

23 July 2019

Seeking shade in the garden. The comforting warmth and feel goodness of the sun can’t be under estimated, but seeking shade in the garden during these hot spells seems a necessity at times. As we are more conscious of the ill effects too much sun can have on our skin in particular, a shady refuge offers a welcome cool place to retreat.

Seating Spots

We will consider strategically placed seating spots around the garden that will take advantage of tree canopies or a cooler aspect in your outdoor space. A pergola can provide a sense of shelter and a fantastic point to gather for meals with friends and family. Designed with your garden and needs in mind, we can incorporate a whole new space for you to enjoy, not only suggesting the structure itself, but how it will sit within the whole garden. We will consider the surrounding planting and access to the area as well as the material that will form the ground level.

Shade Planting

Often thought of as a tricky consideration, shade planting can be achieved with thought and meticulous choices. Popular selections are woodland plants that thrive in dappled shade such as Digitalis (foxgloves), Euphorbia robbiae (wood spurge) and Aquilegia . Then following article also has some good suggestions :

We always recommend irrigation through all planted areas.
These plants can be beautiful and lush, as well as strong in their individual form, creating a stunning scheme in a spot less bright from the sun.

Living Parasol

Seasonally, the sun shifts its duration, strength and height. In March a tree offers scant shade, whilst in June it is a large, living parasol. In the space of five years, a carefully chosen tree can become provide natural shade from an area that was once before in baking sun.

Dappled shade is produced by trees with fine foliage or elevated canopies. A heavenly place with lots of light but without searing sunbeams.

A shade garden will be a brilliant and welcome asset to your outside space. A sheltered, “cocooning” place that not only offers lower temperatures but a sense of calm and peace.

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