Summer Garden Party Preparations

20 June 2019

Summer garden party preparations under way. It may be difficult to envisage a summer garden party after such a deluge of rain, but we are confident that the weather WILL improve and memories of last summer’s heatwave are not so distant. 

It is the time of year when you may be having a big birthday party, wedding or similar celebration in the garden and it really needs to look its best. Such an event is often a good excuse for the garden to take priority as it can sometimes get overlooked. 

Planning is key

Usually, we are given plenty of notice so that we can prepare and plan the garden so that it may look its absolute best. Planning is key!

Budget, client brief and date of the event is priority. Who will be attending, will there be any children and what time of day are important considerations. Once the date is set we can consider, amongst other things, what plants in particular will look their best at that time of year, and work out a schedule so that we can work together with a methodical and practical approach. 

Hard Landscaping Tweaks

It may be that you are not considering a whole new design, you may just need some hard landscaping tweaks. The terrace may need re-pointing, that bit of wobbly wall may need re-building or you may be considering adding a pergola for shade. All these smaller improvements enhance the garden in a practical and visual way. We can help  guide you to get the best out of your garden so it look smart and tidy within your budget. 

Lighting the Garden

Depending on the time of day, you may wish to include lighting the garden. This enhances the garden dramatically, offering an added dimension and there are many options and styles to choose from. Festoon lights simply hung in trees and groups of tea lights or lanterns on tables offer a stylish, thoughtful, relaxed atmosphere. You may already have garden lighting but wish to improve or add to it. We can again guide you and recommend our garden lighting expert to assist you. 


Improving the planted areas in your garden will transform the overall feel of the space. Using existing planting and just adding to it or creating new borders are really beneficial. We can offer guidance and planting plans for you following detailed discussion of the look and colour scheme you may wish to achieve. It is important for us to think about what will look best on the day of the event but also the longevity of the design. 

Carefully placed pots and planters grouped together will completely transform a dull terrace and offer not only colour but height and fragrance. 


We can help you to consider the furniture for the garden. It may be that you need additional seating or more formal table and chairs. However, we sometimes suggest using cushions on a raised bed as a perching spot, bringing indoor furniture temporarily outside, hammocks, beanbags, throws and cushions on the lawn. Obviously, it depends on the occasion and the guests but we can inspire you to use what you may already have at home. Simple benches in maybe a spot you had not considered before, offers new views across the garden and also a quiet spot for those guests that may want to take five minutes away from the crowd. 

We are working on some very special events through the summer and relish in each one as they are so individual. Happy, family events that are memorable for all deserve some extra input to make them so. 

We always enjoy working on such wonderful projects, hearing the de-brief feedback post-event and the fantastic pictures makes all the hard work worthwhile. 

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