The Benefits of Gardening

30 October 2018

Much has been written about the benefits of gardening. For me, one of these benefits is actually writing about it! Starting a regular blog piece has meant that I am able to express my passion of the subject in words. Apart from endless emails and the odd birthday card, we don’t write. Ok, so I am using a laptop right now, not ink on paper but the process of creating a paragraph or two with interesting content (I hope) I find very therapeutic. Off-loading your thoughts and clearing your mind a little must be therapy? As a teenager, we all kept a diary of our thoughts and it is often suggested that now that would still be a good idea but it is of course, down to the old problem of time. 

Physical & Mental Welfare

Gardening will always give us strength and pain (our backs!) but the physical and mental welfare such a simple pleasure gives is truly astonishing. As I celebrate soon my business realising one decade, I reflect on what it has done for me personally. To be in a garden and having a successful garden design business really is a perfect combination for me, combining people, plants and creativity rolled into one. 

Hands in the soil will always be the most simple of pleasures, in a whirlwind world of tech, this will never change. They say tech may go full circle and implode. Whilst our fingers may not be tapping on a keyboard, they will always be pushing bulbs into soil, snipping dead blooms and touching that beautiful, tactile, soft leaf. The physical benefits of gardening are clear, tried and tested. The exercise through walking and stretching in the garden, outweigh the aching limbs and sore back. Regular gardeners certainly don’t need a gym membership,  gardening is a good workout in itself. It gives you thinking time and head space. All rather decadent things to behold. 

Really visualising the changing seasons with regular outdoor eyes, makes you appreciate all that surrounds us. The silence can be deafening, an unusual occurrence, but one so wonderful. Gardening isn’t just about fresh air, its about fresh thoughts, fresh ideas and fresh outlooks.

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